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Swedish Massage

         Manual Lymph Drainage

The most traditional massage, used mostly for relaxation, techniques manipulate the direct superficial fascia, directly and used systemically. Techniques used are effleurage, petrissage, tapotment, and vibrations. Relax the Body, Mind, and Spirit.
Manual Lymph Drainage is a very soft treatment involving circular motions with finger pads, techniques are used to decrease flluid build up (edema, lymphodema) due to blockage along the lymph node tracks. This treatment promotes proper drainage of these blocked tracks (lymph fluid), it carries away the lymph build up (waste products) and maintains normal lymph fliud flow.

Therapeutic Massage

​Direct/Myofascial Release​      

This type of Massage involves techniques such as stroking & kneading these techniques are deeper involving muscles and underlying fascia, these techniques are used to treat muscle spasms, muscular imbalances, injuries such as repetitive strain disorders, it helps increase Range of Motion of a joint, flexibility and tones of a muscle.
Deep techniques in order to rebalance muscle imbalances, hypertonicity (tight muscles). These techniques restore a muscle back to their resting position (muscles memory) These techniques decrease hypertonicity and imbalances caused by injury, strain & stress, by stretchcing and lengthening the muscles to their resting state decreases pain and discomfort.

​Trigger Point Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage

Trigger Point therapy is a treatment specifically to treat tender points in a tight muscle band these tender points can refer systemically which causes pain and discomfort in muscle fibers that are directly related to a specific muscle. Treatment includes fingertip kneeding, compression, stripping, thus releasing these tender points that refer to other areas along the specific muscle belly that is involved.
These techniques are the deepest treatment, they specifically focus on areas that have knots, tension. Knuckles, elbows can be used to acheive results.

Chair Massage

​NEW Chair Massage $50.00

Fee Schedule

Chair Massage is ideal for those that are uncomfortable laying face down, possibly due to injury, illness, or surgery. The RMT can access the clients back, neck, shoulders and arms during treatment, while the client remains comfortably seated.





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75 minutes.......$100.00
90 minutes.......$120.00
chair massage..$50.00
​Head, Neck, and shoulders...$55.00

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